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ESTD.: 1987 | TYPE: Government | AFFILIATION: | RECOGNITION: ncvt

Termination of Training

  • During the course of training the trainees shall strictly abide by the Rules and Regulations of the course and any other instructions issued by the General Manager, Senior Manager (Training) or any other official authorized to issue such instructions from time to time.
  • Violation of any Rules and Regulations and/or any instructions by any trainee(s) shall amount to misconduct in terms of the aforesaid Agreement and Surety Bond and the training of trainee(s) may be terminated and the Surety Money shall be realized from the Surety and/or trainee(s) in terms of the Surety bond as aforesaid.
  • If any time during the course of training, it is observed that the conduct/activity of trainee(s) go against the smooth conduct of the training programs or any other activity or is otherwise detrimental to the interests of the Tool Room, the training of the trainee(s), may be terminated without notice and without assigning any reason. The decision of the Senior Manager (Training) or any other official looking after his duties in this regard, shall be final and binding on the trainee, his Surety and Guardians.
  • If any trainee is found to be involved in any act of violence/ riot/ criminal and any other such activities, his/her training will be terminated by the centre without assigning any reason(s).
  • In case, the police detains any trainee for more than 24 hours in custody, his/her training shall be terminated by the centre.

Competent Authority to take action under this Rule shall be Senior Manage (Training) or any other officer looking after his duties. The appellate authority in this case shall be the General Manager.


Power to Amend/Relax the Rules

These Rules, including fee structure, are subject to change, and Amendment/Relaxation in the Rule(s) can be made by the Governing Council or its Chairman or any of its delegated authority on any point of time.


Application of other Rules

Such of the rules and regulations which have not been referred herein or other decision of the Governing Council of the Tool Room shall apply to trainees of the course except where said provisions have become repugnant due to any provision laid down in these Rules and Regulations.



Any rules and regulations corresponding to these rules and regulations in force immediately before the commencement of these rules & regulations and applicable to trainees to whom these Rules and Regulations apply, hereby repealed, provided that any order made or action taken under the rules and regulations so repealed shall be deemed to have been made or taken under the corresponding provisions of these Rules and Regulations. All admissions made prior to coming into force of these Rules and Regulations shall be deemed to have been made under these Rules and Regulations and all the present Trainees shall be governed by these Rules and Regulations.



  • The Tool Room shall provide opportunities of training for the course to trainees who, at their own free will, decide to undergo training at the Tool Room as per terms and conditions known and understood by them including the powers of the Governing Council and other competent authorities to amend the terms and conditions at any time and without notice and to formulate and amend procedure, rules whenever considered necessary. Trainees shall not in any way resort to making organized claims, protest or any other activity for change in terms and conditions of their admission to the course, or to any form of collective bargaining. Difficulties experienced, if any, by them should be brought to the notice of the batch In-charges or other officials of the Tool Room in individual capacities, in the manner which may be prescribed from time to time. Trainees are not allowed to form any union or association.
  • No meeting shall be conducted by the trainees inside the premises of the Tool Room including and other sub-office, cell or any building, without the prior permission of the General Manager or any other authority competent to give such permission.
  • Period spent by the trainees, even if it is within IDTR premises in a manner otherwise than according to program of training including examinations, class test, etc. shall be treated as full day's absence for this purpose.
  • The trainees shall attend practical (basic and shop floor, etc.) training and related instruction classes regularly. Irregular attendance or absence from training for more than six working days without authorized permission will be treated as loss of lien and will be liable for the termination of the training.
  • Inviting other(s) to act in any manner which goes against the interest and objectives of the Tool Room or against the intention and purpose of any Rules of the Tool Room or instructions issued, shall be treated as gross-misconduct of the trainee(s).
  • The following shall be deemed to constitute misconduct of the trainees(s) punishable under IDTR Training Rules as misconduct of the trainee(s):
    • Willful Insubordination or disobedience whether alone or in combination with others of any lawful and reasonable order of his superior or commission of any acts subversive of discipline or of good behaviour.
    • Instigating others to act in any manner which goes against the interest and objectives of the tool room or against the intention and the purpose of any rules of the tool room or instructions issued, shall be treated as gross-misconduct of the trainees.
    • Theft, fraud, any dishonest act, bribery or any illegal gratification.
    • Possession, distribution and display, within the Tool Room's premises, of any unauthorized bills, pamphlets, books, placards, banner.
    • Coming to the Tool Room in drunken condition or under the effect of any intoxicants/narcotics or possession of any such things or any lethal weapons in the Tool Room's premises.
    • Gambling within the Tool Room's premises including any other sub-office, building of the Tool Room.
    • Smoking chewing Gutka/Tobacco in the Premises.
    • Refusal to receive an official document.
    • Deliberate false statement, falsification of records, impersonation, suppression of facts.
    • Willful failure to report occurrences or any information which may endanger other's life or Tool Room's property.
    • Private or personal work within IDTR premises and with Tool Room's facilities whatsoever.
    • Staying inside Tool Room's premises beyond training hours except when permitted or authorized.
    • Violation or non-compliance of any Rules or instructions issued.
    • Participating in an illegal strike or abetting, inciting, instigating, or acting in furtherance thereof.
    • Absent without leave or without information or overstaying the sanctioned leave without reasonable cause or proper or satisfactory explanation of absence from the training center of the trainees without permission or sufficient cause.
    • Habitual absenteeism.
    • Habitual late attendance.
    • Collection or canvassing for collection without the permission of the IDTR/Training center of any money except in accordance with the rules of IDTR.
    • Willful damage to work in process or to any property of IDTR/ Training center.
    • Holding meetings inside the premises of the establishment without prior permission of the IDTR.
    • Any other act which goes against the interest and objectives of the Tool Room or against the intention and purpose of any Rules, Procedures and standing instructions.
  • During the course, the trainees shall not apply for any employment, scholarship, travel-ship, part time work of any other training otherwise than through the General Manager. They shall submit application through proper channel which will be considered on merits of each case.
  • Trainees shall not commercialize any, discovery made in the course of training in the Tool Room.