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Chairman Message

“Quality education is first and foremost a base for the rest of life, it is the most correct investment in yourself, in children and most important in the future of the country. The President of the country said many times that the most important resource that Kyrgyzstan possesses is a human resource. I could not disagree with this, we do not have those natural resources that some of our neighbors and partners have, but we have beautiful mountains, rivers of the lake and of course young, energetic people who can do everything, but only if they sincerely want it . And our institute helps these young people realize their dreams.

It is important for us that students have a drive, eyes burned and the most important thing is to be useful to other people. I am convinced that such young people are able to develop the economy, science and culture of the country. It is important that these young people, unspoiled by corruption, find themselves in the right learning environment, where there are such concepts as academic honesty, where there are no concepts of buying valuations and plagiarism, which the whole world is struggling with, is not welcomed. 

We have implemented an absolutely honest and transparent system of passing exams. At us the session is rented under supervision of video cameras, which fix both video and audio signal online. As a result, ASMI was recognized as the best among medical universities in the country in terms of the quality of training specialists. The Testing Center of the Ministry of Education tested all medical schools in the country on the quality of education and ASMI took first place in the republic. I think that this is an indicator of the purity of education in our institute. Our institute has managed to create such an environment for motivated students not only of our country, but also for foreign youth.

I would like to note that we have done and are doing everything possible to ensure that our university is comfortable. I think that only in a favorable – comfortable environment we can achieve good results, and we are ready to provide this environment to all our students