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MBBS students from Grant Medical College (GMC) attached to the State-run JJ Hospital are up in arms against the ‘unacceptable’ diktats issued by the dean, wardens of the girls’ and boys’ hostels, and teachers on the campus.

A member of the GMC students’ association said authorities demanded that girls and boys sit separately during the annual college festival Astitva, which concluded on Saturday.

Dress code for girls

The college authorities have allegedly also issued a dress code for girls, asking them not to wear short dresses, and instructed them to return to the hostel before 9.30 p.m. “They were stationed at the girls’ hostel to check what each one was wearing. Many girls were asked to change as they did not approve of their clothes,” a student adding that on several occasions in the past two months, college staff has dispersed groups of girls and boys mingling together. “When the girls questioned the restrictions, they were told boys don’t get pregnant,” one student alleged.

Speaking to The Hindu, Dr. Ajay Chandanwale, dean of the college, said the students have taken the disciplinary rules out of context. “We don’t believe in any kind of gender discrimination. But there has to be some decency involved in the way students conduct themselves,” Dr. Chandanwale said. He said the wardens set the rules after some boys tore off their clothes during Holi celebrations.

The students’ association admitted that some boys tore off their clothes during the Holi revelry. “But there was no incident where anyone misbehaved. Some students tore off their own clothes in the excitement of the festivities, but this cannot be the reason for the diktats,” said one student.

Pressing issues

The student added that the college is focusing on “something irrelevant” instead of the pressing issues. “The toilets in the hostels are filthy. Chunks of plaster from the roof are chipping off,” he said.

Dr. Chandanwale has also questioned the expenditure on the cultural festival. “I am told that the expenses have touched ₹45 lakh. I am inquiring into this,” he said. The students’ association has said the audit of the expenses will be presented to the dean and there are no discrepancies in it.